Micke Ebanista S.L. 1988


About us


Mikael came to Marbella in May -88, a Swedish carpenter with a lot of energy!

He soon got settled and learned to speak the language “andaluz”.

He got established as

“Micke Ebanista”!


During the crises in the beginning of the 90:s he works on Gibraltar selling and installing parquet floors. The stay on Gibraltar came to be aprox. a year before Marbella started to recover. Once back in Marbella he started to work with kitchens as well and that brought him in to construction. The clients wanted to have one person to talk to and there was Micke.


In 2003 he had an accident and got herniated disc in the neck and by that his career as a carpenter came to an end. His occupation became full time sales and

project management!


Since then he has been working all over the coast with numbers of projects and installation and during the last years being occupied with works for the Swedish manufacturer Martinsons wooden bridges. So far the most famous installation would be the bridge over the river Rio Verde but we have made other bridges and pedestrian decking along the coast of Marbella.




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Nueva Andalucia

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Mikael Andersson is the man behind the company Micke Ebanista S.L.

He surrounds himself with professional people from all kinds of categories.

We have the solution for you to a correct

and fare price.